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About U-PACK

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The company sets “the construction of the world’s leading packaging production whole line supplier” as its development goal. Its products are positioned as high-end packaging and storage equipment, such as automatic packing system, automatic palletizing system, intelligent packaging production line, logistics sorting system, RGV, three-dimensional warehouse. The company has taken the lead in launching an aseptic parcel wrapping machine in the same industry to fill the gap in this field in China through years of independent research & development and technological innovation.

The company is one of the few enterprises in China that master the production technology of the packaging whole lines. It can not only provide downstream enterprises with multi-technology and multi-type intelligent devices such as bottling packaging production line, canning packaging production line, case packaging production line, aseptic packaging production line and intelligent three-dimensional warehouse integration, but also meet the requirements of different customers in many industries, including production process, technical process, site layout, packaging materials and packaged goods, packaging production and warehousing logistics.

The company has accumulated rich customer resources in the beverage, dairy products, health products, daily chemicals and other industries based on its comprehensive management advantage such as good technical research and development capabilities, superior product performance and excellent after-sales service. At present, the company has become the equipment supplier for famous enterprises such as Mengniu, Yili, Feihe, Master. Kong, BY-HEALTH, Eastroc Super Drink, Want Want, Junlebao, Wong Lo Kat, COFCO, Liby. The products not only have a high notability and reputation in China, but also are exported to more than 50 countries and regions such as the United States, Canada, the Middle East and India.