Bottles & Cans Palletizer & Depalletizer


This machine is suitable for glass bottle filling product line which were including beer, beverage and condiment industrial,and this machine can move the empty bottle to the conveyor belt for the next sequence.。By optimizing the mechanical structure design and the PLC control , this machine’s function include automatic orientation, bottles are ordered feeding by infra-red sensor control, suck partition sheet up and put partition sheet down by automatic, empty pallet pile up and empty pallet move out processing are automatic.

– Full automatic unloading bottle machine instead of unscramble bottle by person and traditional unloading bottle machine, it also can save much manpower, increase productivity.

– Speed quickly, low noise, save space, easy do maintenance.

– Use PLC system, improve accuracy of mechanical motions, and it is easy to control the system by HMI;

-Pallet lifts have interlock function, pallet loader use air cylinder make it rise and fall, ensure the action stable ;

-Continuous action mode and one cycle action mode can be choose in push bottle sequence.

Machine speed Maximum     500bottles/min
Maximum capacity for each layer 250 KG
Maximum loading of each pallet 1500KG
Full of bottle pallet height 2300mm(can be according to the customer demands)
Unloading maximum heigh 2300mm(can be adjust by customer demands)
Pallet size 1000× 1200mm
Equipment size L12600×W2800×H3800mm
Electrical power three-phase 380 V 50 Hz,20KW
Air compress and gas consumption 0.7 Mpa,800L/min

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