Case Packer for TetraPAK


This machine composes a mesh belt conveyor which arranges products orderly, and divided them into eight rows or four rows (varied with packing ways). At the cardboard storage station, cardboard is pulled to the main drive chain with the theory of machine arm. When the products and cardboard reach the setpoint, products will be pushed onto the cardboard with the machine pushing mechanism by moving side by side, the chain walk to the back station and the cardboard forming. After that, case will walk forward and convey with the chain drive, and do the advancing action again. After the case formed, gluing and bonding when case move each conveying.

Machine speed More than40ctns/minute
Packaging type 3×4 –wrap around case packer
Case size L200-500 ×W160-400×H100-350mm
Pallet size L200-500 ×W160-400×H40-350m
Machine size L35000×W2300×H1800mm
Machine weight 3500KG
Electrical power 380 V 50Hz, 20KW
Air compress and gas consumption 0.6Mpa, 800L/min


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