High-speed Case Packer

YZ-WAH40 Wrap around case packer
High-speed Case Packer

This equipment use servo-drive control technology, accurate position, soft motion, easy for operation and setting, free to adjust running speed, have a large cardboard storage, storing range is 800 pieces of cardboard and artificial pile up easily. This machine has large production capacity, high efficiency, good continuity, running stability, cardboard breakage rate is very low, carton firmly bond, the forming beautiful.

This machine was chosen ELAU servo control system which was in the world leading level.  Because it combines computer technology, communication technology and automatic control technology, so it has very strong system expandability, networking capability and good openness. It’s easy for remote diagnosis by standard Ethernet, so that our customer can get equipment maintenance in the first time.

In all the adjustment of the machine was installed with adjusting indicator and scale, for the convenience of our customer for different products packaging, operator can adjust and use it according to the manual. The same brand of the automatic control system makes it easier to download parameters, just a key to complete. Even if customer homemade abnormity bottle, only need press the bottle diameter and height in the touch screen, so it’s convenient.

Machine speed More than40ctns/minute
Packaging type 3×4 –wrap around case packer
Case size L200-500 ×W150-400×H100-300mm
Bottle size D50-90×H150-300mm
Hot melt glue curing time and glue consumption 1-1.5s   2-3g/ctn
Pallet size 1000× 1200mm
Equipment size L11000×W1800×H2600mm\
Electrical power Three-phase 380 V 50Hz, 20KW
Air compress and gas consumption 0.6Mpa, 800L/min

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