Top Load Case Packer (RSC)

Top-load Case Packerú¿RSC)-1

Grab type packing machine, by gripper aerating and deflating to achieve catching and putting the bottles. Through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control, put the bottles from bottle conveying table into the case accurately and reliably.

Smooth operation:

Double flour bar linkage is equipped to make the bottles lifting, moving and falling, and also combine with pneumatic and electrical control to reach automation, move coordinately, smoothly and accurately. Emptily run fast is for improving production efficiency. Advanced structure: This machine is compose of rational mechanical construction, reliable pneumatic device and advanced electrical control technology, is the advanced equipment integrated mechanical, pneumatic, electric control.
Adopt multiple sets of positioning block devices at the bottom of the Case. It is suitable for packing cases with slightly different appearance and size.

Machine speed ≥ 15 ctns/minute
Production capacity ≥ 12,000 bph
Packing material Corrugated RSC
Gripper type Airbag
Hot melt glue curing time and glue consumption 1-1.5s     2-3g/ctn
Electrical power 380 V 50Hz, 20KW
Air compress and gas consumption 0.6Mpa, 800L/min

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