Cosmetic & Chemical Industry


Cosmetic & Chemical Industry

Provide intelligent solutions and secondary packaging equipment for process design and production process optimum of daily chemical industry.

Packaging liquid products such as laundry detergent, liquid detergent, needs precise work and viscosity control. Choose U-PACK to customize packaging special containers to ensure the integrity of liquid products. With good quality and first-class technology, U-PACK works together with manufacturers to expand the market and promote mutual benefit.

What can U-PACK do for cosmetic & chemical industry?
U-PACK provides cosmetic &chemical manufacturing industry with multiple production equipment, including labeller, conveyor, wrap around packer (shrink wrapper), carton packer and palletizer etc.

To tailor workshop: save limited energy and space
To improve efficiency: ensure the quick production
To maintain quality: keep consistent product quality
To reduce cost: both manpower and energy cost

Partners: SINOPEC, Liby, Keon

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