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U-PACK Helps BY-HEALTH Intelligent Transparent Factory

:2018年05月07日 字号: 分享

On March 30, 2016, U-PACK Zhuhai BY-HEALTH Co., Ltd. formally signed the first strategic cooperation agreement of "Research and Development Platform for Intelligent Factory of Health Industry" in BY-HEALTH Zhuhai Factory.Mr. Pan Tao, chairman and general manager of U-PACK, formally exchanged the contract text with Mr. Cai Liangping, general manager of BY-HEALTH Zhuhai Factory, which opened the prelude to the upgrading and transformation of health products manufacturing enterprises from traditional production to intelligent factory.

U-PACK Helps BY-HEALTH Intelligent Transparent Factory

With the CPS plan of the Third Industrial Revolution of the United States and the strategy of "Industry 4.0" launched by Germany, China also released "Made in China 2025" this year, and a new industrial "Information Revolution" is being launched in the world. This year, BY-HEALTH launched the project of "Intelligent Transparent Factory". By introducing advanced machines and upgrading the system intelligently, the project will realize equipment remoteness, process informatization, material linkage, production humanization and product individualization, with a view to creating the first intelligent transparent factory in the dietary supplement industry.

"In the future, the boundary between Internet enterprises and industrial enterprises will be gradually broken, the boundary between production enterprises and service enterprises will be increasingly blurred, and industrial integration will promote service-oriented economy." Cai Liangping said that the "Transparent Factory 2.0" currently under construction is the first step of BY-HEALTH's intelligent production. In the future,BY-HEALTH will aim at the integration of materials and materials, process informationization, remote equipment, electronic recording, humanization of production and individualization of products. It will start from the three dimensions of product physical realization process automation, product manufacturing process management informationization, and integration of materials and individualization of products to realize the transition to intelligent chemical plants. Transition and upgrading.

Mr. Pan Tao, Chairman and General Manager of U-PACK, introduced that U-PACK, as a well-known domestic manufacturer of back-stage packaging production line, is in the leading position in the research and development, design, production and technical service of secondary packaging equipment in China. It has become the leader of import substitution in the field of intelligent packaging, with super-strong independent research and development and independent design. The ability of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning, the degree of equipment integration and comprehensive strength are much better than the competitors in the industry.

U-PACK is committed to transforming from a simple hardware equipment provider to an integrated software and hardware intelligent factory service provider, and will build an intelligent factory LCS solution in the future. The research and implementation of the strategic ideas coincide with each other, and they agree to establish strategic partnership, not only to develop R&D in the field of plant informatization, but also to conduct in-depth and extensive research and construction in the fields of automation, intelligent equipment, mechatronics, energy saving and other intelligent factories.

"BY-HEALTH Intelligent Factory 1.0 Edition" will be officially launched in the second half of 2016. By means of strategic cooperation, the two sides will continue to innovate and make bold breakthroughs with the help of external superior resources so as to realize intelligent manufacturing in an all-round way, provide consumers with safer, more efficient and convenient health management and services, and strive to become industry models and serve the whole society.