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U-PACK's Guarantee of "Always Good Milk Powder"

:2018年05月07日 字号: 分享

Before starting today's article, the editor has a question that needs to be opened up.The question is which company's advertising slogan is called "consistently good milk powder"?

U-PACK's Guarantee of

Bingo!This advertisement is the famous dairy company Feihe Dairy!Always good milk powder, this sentence pun, not only shows that the flying crane has always produced high-quality milk powder, but also can be said to be a "can" of good milk powder. Therefore, canned milk powder is the key product of Flying Crane business.

The Choice of Feihe

This year, Feihe Dairy tendered for two new infant formula milk powder production lines in its factories. U-PACK stood out from many powerful rivals and became two "infant formula milk powder production line projects" of Feihe Dairy Gannan Co., Ltd. and Feihe Dairy Longjiang Co., Ltd. Close the supplier of conveying system. Among them, U-PACK is a new type of intelligent packaging line designed for canned milk powder, which has great application value for canned products.

U-PACK's Guarantee of

Work flow

The bottom of the prefabricated carton is sealed with transparent tape by an automatic box opener, and the cushion plate is automatically placed at the bottom of the box and sent to the packing station through the conveyor line.

U-PACK's Guarantee of

The finished canned milk powder is sent to the whole line by the production line, and the signal is sent to the robot after the whole line device locates the canned milk powder. The robot absorbs the partition board and places it in the middle of the canned milk powder in the storage position of the partition board.

The product alignment is composed of fixed positioning block, positioning cylinder and control system. The purpose of positioning is to enable the robot to absorb the partitions arranged in the system setting, and to ensure the convenience of grasping and the accuracy of the placement position.

U-PACK's Guarantee of

The production line delivers the finished canned milk powder placed on the partition board to the product packing station. The signal is sent to the robot after product positioning. The robot grabs the milk powder and the partition board and loads it into the carton together.

The production line is equipped with a two-dimensional code traceability system. It is required to be intercepted according to the conveyor belt conveyor sequence, and packed into one carton every 6 tins. No missing or channeling is allowed.

U-PACK's Guarantee of

Summary of the characteristics of the solution

◆Realize the automatic addition of underlying plate and well-shaped baffle

Automatic alarm and shutdown function of jam box or jam

◆Using the most advanced control technology and PLC control system

Touch screen operation, easy to operate, friendly interface

◆15 boxes per minute

Each can of milk powder can be separated and buffered by adding up and down padding boards, left and right partitions, so as to prevent damage to the tank caused by collision, and to protect each can of milk powder in subsequent handling, warehousing and logistics links.

Always good milk powder, is the quality of Feihe, a can of good milk powder, is the guarantee of U-PACK!