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99% of people do not know that milk packaging is related to the company.

:2018年05月07日 字号: 分享

There will be milk and bread. This classic saying has gradually become a reality in China.When we pick up a carton of milk every morning, what company do you think is involved in its production?The vast majority of people think of the brand company of milk, but do not think of a behind-the-scenes enterprise for the birth of this box of milk quietly dedicated their efforts.Yes, this is the protagonist of this article - U-PACK.

Domestic dairy industry, ranging from Mengniu, Yili, Wangwang, Feihe to Junle Bao, Junyao, Xiaoyangren and Gucheng in the special farmland area, has applied the aseptic packaging production line of U-PACK, covering milk boxes, conveyances, palletizing and other links.

So when you pick up a box of milk in your hand, don't forget U-PACK's silent contribution behind it. 

With the rapid development of China's economy, the secondary packaging of artificial milk with low efficiency, more workers and high labor intensity has become increasingly unable to adapt to the development of today's society. As the reliability of the secondary packaging of artificial cattle is difficult to meet the requirements, the development of automatic packaging production line has become an inevitable trend of development.

U-PACK Provides Technical Support for Dairy Enterprises

After packing, a box of finished products is transported to the palletizing robot by conveyor belt. PLC controls the transmission speed and steering, and sends task signals to the palletizing robot in time to ensure that the goods are placed neatly and quickly, and quickly into the three-dimensional warehouse.

99% of people do not know that milk packaging is related to the company.


 Through the intelligent control of PLC, the flexible stacker can accurately store or grab goods from the designated position. The track beside the warehouse is orderly running a cargo trolley, which can ensure a certain safety distance between each other and will not "rear-end" or "crash". Each equipment communicates with Profibus Fieldbus.

U-PACK has designed a new automatic packing machine for aseptic bags by analyzing the key technology of aseptic bags automatic packing machine at home and abroad. By controlling a whole set of cylinders and conveyor belts with PLC, it can drive the automatic arrangement and division of aseptic bags, realize the automatic packing of aseptic bags, improve the reliability and stability of the system, and the system can replace it. Manual monotonous repetitive operation saves a lot of manpower and material resources, and can ensure the quality of product packaging.

At present, most of the palletizing operations in our country are completed by mechanical palletizers or handled manually, but the mechanical palletizers are limited by their structure and other factors, which have some shortcomings, such as large area, troublesome program modification, large power consumption, and so on. The manual handling workload is large, and many workers are needed to complete the same workload, which is in the human cost day. It is obviously undesirable under the rising social background. The drawbacks of the above two palletizing methods will inevitably provide tremendous development potential for palletizing robots.
Traditional mechanical palletizer
99% of people do not know that milk packaging is related to the company.
99% of people do not know that milk packaging is related to the company.

U-PACK ABB Robot in Palletizing Industry

U-PACK has been an ABB Robot Partner since its inception. By combining with its own experience in the development and maintenance of automatic palletizing system for more than ten years, Yuzhuang Machinery has opened a door for the application of industrial robots in the palletizing industry. The robot palletizing system developed by Yuzhuang Integrated ABB Robot has been widely used in food and beverage, medicine and chemical industry, and chemicals. Flow warehouse and various manufacturing industries.

99% of people do not know that milk packaging is related to the company.

99% of people do not know that milk packaging is related to the company.

99% of people do not know that milk packaging is related to the company.

  Written in the back

Made-in-China 2025 also opens the way for the rise of Made-in-China from "big" to "strong". Chinese dairy enterprises have ushered in the era of "dairy industry 4.0". China's dairy industry will gradually become large-scale and intensive. U-PACK is willing to continue to optimize iteration and move forward hand in hand in cooperation with major dairy enterprises.