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Laser navigation AGV
AGV can be used in large warehouse logistics etc
Product Introduction

The laser navigation AGV has an accurate positioning, which doesn’t need any other positioning facilities on the ground. The driving path is flexible and can be adaptable to various on-site environments. The driving route can also be modified at any time through the software. It is more convenient for maintenance without magnetic stripes and landmarks. At present, it is the preferred advanced guidance method in foreign countries, responsible for the delivery of empty pallets, loaded pallets and paper rolls.

Technical Parameters
        name       Laser navigation forklift AGV
        model   CCJPT10V1
        No.   8692000000000 
        size   L2200*W802*H710(mm)(customizable
       guidance method   Laser guidance
       travel direction   Forward and back, left and right, bifurcation
       wireless network   WiFi RF network
       drive mode   Steering wheel control
       drive Power Supply   DC24V
       bearing capacity   1000kg(customizable)
       ontology model   Forklift 
       travel speed   35m/min
        turning radius   1705-2075mm(depending on the shape)
        climbing ability   5-7 degrees
        navigation accuracy   ±10mm
        stopping accuracy   ±10mm
        working mode   24 hours
       charging method   Manual charging · Automatic charging
       safety sensing range   ≤1m,Emergency braking distance is less than 20mm
       alarm form   Audible and visual alarm
       battery   Lead acid battery · lithium battery
       safety protection   detection sensor+double protection+stop button
       design life   >10年

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