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be divided into single and double column
Product Introduction

The stacker crane is an access warehouse equipment in the automatic three-dimensional warehouse. It is generally divided into a single column and a double column structure. It is completed by three driving mechanisms: travel, lift and fork. It adopts the international advanced servo control system and the absolute recognition system to have the fully closed-loop control. Together with the high-precision addressing methods such as bar code or laser ranging, it can achieve the high-precision operation of the stacker crane. The stacking load can be up to 8 tons and the travel speed can reach up to 400m/min.

According to the direction of the track, it can be divided into straight rail type, curved rail type, transition rail type and intersection type.

In addition, there are many types of stacker cranes, such as the picking stacking machine equipped with cabs.

Technical Parameters

The stacker crane structure is stable and reliable. It is controlled by the vector variable frequency drive and encoder position. It adopts the mechanical and electrical double safety device to ensure the safety. It also uses the full tracking technology for information transmission. The electrical components are all imported products. The touch screen interface is easy to operate and can realize the manual operation, single-machine automatic control and online automatic control, forming a complete logistics system in combination with various logistics equipment.

Manual control of the stacker crane is operated by the operator directly through the button switch on the operation panel, which can directly operate the stacker crane horizontally, lift the load platform and access to the goods by the fork.

The single machine automatic control is operated by the operator at the port of the warehouse through the operation panel LCD touch screen button on the stacking electrical control cabinet. The operator inputs the inbound and outbound instructions. Then the stacker crane will complete the inbound and outbound operations automatically.

The online automatic control means that the management computer automatically assigns the inbound storage location address and sends the operation commands by the monitoring computer. The operation command is transmitted to the stacker crane PLC through the wireless Ethernet so as to control the stacker crane to complete the operations automatically. Besides, the operation process and working status will be feedback to the monitoring computer and displayed on the computer screen.

U-PACK’s stacker crane is configured with standardized components produced by global leading suppliers such as SIEMENS, SEW and MIAS, resulting in higher product quality, more stable operations and less maintenance costs.

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