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Automatic unloading bottle / can machine
Mechanical palletizer
Product Introduction

YZ-HDP-G500 automatic unloading machine pushes the empty cans/bottles stacked on the pallet from the top to the bottom to the net conveyor, which then will be delivered to the empty bottle washing machine and the filling machine. The empty pallets are stacked and sent to the warehouse.

This machine is suitable for the glass bottle/iron can filling production line of beverage, canning and condiment industry. it can deliver the whole empty bottles/cans to the bottle filling line. The bottle is automatically pushed out in order by the electric eye control through the optimized mechanical structure design, the whole process of PLC computer automatic control layered rise and automatic positioning,. The separator can be caught up and released automatically as well. The stacking of the empty pallet and the withdrawal of the empty pallet is fully automatic.

–  The manual bottle placement and traditional empty bottle unloading machine can be replaced, saving a lot of labor and increasing the production capacity;

 –  It has advantages such as fast speed, low noise, small space occupation and easy maintenance;

 –  The programmable computer control system is used to improve the accuracy of mechanical actions. The electronic control is easy to operate with human-machine interface;

 –    The pallet lifting platform uses the self-locking lifting method and the stacking machine adopts the cylinder lifting method whose actions are stable;

 –  The bottle-pushing method can choose the continuous action or single cycle action. The operation is adaptable.

Technical Parameters





max load per layer

250 KG

stack height


pallet size

1000× 1200mm

machine size


power supply

three-phase 380 V 50 Hz,20KW

air pressure and consumption

0.7 Mpa,800L/minute

Customer case


  • Eastroc Super Drink

    Eastroc Super Drink

  • Lee Kum Kee

    Lee Kum Kee

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