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HiCONT high speed carton wrapping machine
Servo drive, accurate positioning, soft motion
Product Introduction

The HiCONTYZ-WAH45 high-speed carton wrapping machine consists of a cardboard storage table, a host machine, a hot melt adhesive spraying system and a pneumatic vacuum system. It uses the servo drive control technology to achieve accurate positioning, soft movement, quick operation setting. The running speed can be adjusted arbitrarily. The storage of cardboard is large, reaching up to 400 pieces of cardboard at a time. It is very easy for people to place them manually. High-precision linear guides are used to ensure the stability of the machine at high speed. The whole machine has a large production capacity and a high efficiency. Its continuity is good and the machine can be operated stably and reliably. The failure rate of cardboard is extremely low and the bonding of cartons is firm. The shape is beautiful and standard. This machine selects facilitate the customers the ELAU servo control system which is currently at the leading position in the world. It has strong system expansion capability, networking capability and good openness because it integrates the computer technology, communication technology and automatic control technology. The standard Ethernet (Ethernet) makes the remote diagnose easy, allowing customers’ equipment to be maintained in the first place.

Adjustment indicators and scales are installed at all adjustment points of the machine to help customers pack different products. The staff can call according to the formula. The automatic control system of the same brand makes the parameter downloading more convenient and easier, which can be completed with one click. Even if it is the customer-made shaped bottle, it only needs to enter the diameter and height of the bottle, which is convenient and quick.

This machine adopts the advanced low-impact bottle sorting system, which makes the adjustment more convenient after the bottle packaging method is changed. Shaking the bottle placement device can make the bottle conveying system smoother without blocks. The servo speed regulation minimizes the thrust of the conveyor belt to the bottle sorting system, preventing from crushing and bursting the bottles.

For the actual situation that the size error of the glass bottle is relatively large in China, to prevent bottle pouring and bottle explosion during the forward conveying of the glass bottle, U-PACK’s high-speed packing machine is specially equipped with an automatic clutch and photoelectric shutdown device on the pushing mechanism. The equipment can be reset quickly within one minute so than the downtime caused by the explosion of the bottle is completely avoided, thus ensuring the safety and sanitation of the equipment.

Technical Parameters




more than 40cases/minute

packing form

3×4 –piece carton

carton size

L200-500 ×W150-400×H100-300mm

bottle size


Hot melt adhesive curing time and glue consumption

1-1.5s  2-3g/ctn

equipment size


power supply

380 V 50Hz, 20KW

air pressure and consumption

0.6Mpa, 800L/min

Customer case


  • Eastroc Super Drink

    Eastroc Super Drink

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