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DROPIN drop-type packing machine
Positioning slips in the carton
Product Introduction

The DROPINYZ-CLD835 drop-type packing machine uses a mesh belt conveyor to arrange bottles neatly, which can be divided into six rows, five rows or four rows (depending on different packaging methods). Prefabricated cartons are transported to the packing station under the product. Then the product is slide into the cases with an accurate positioning through the sliding mechanism, which will be sealed and output on the conveying line. The main drive gear uses the servo drive: which can ensure the packing speed and accuracy; there is a buffer mechanism under the drop carton mechanism to reduce the loss of parts; the product is light and has advantages for pressure sensitive products; the replacement of products is fast and easy.

This machine is composed of a reasonable mechanical structure, a reliable pneumatic device and advanced electronic control technologies. It is an advanced equipment integrating mechanical, pneumatic and electronic control. In addition, it is equipped with multiple sets of bottom positioning gearboxes, which enable it to be suitable for the packing of cases with slightly different dimensions.

Technical Parameters




more than 15 cases/minute

packing form

3×4( based on the customer’s needs)

packing material

Corrugated case RSC

carton size

L200-500 ×W150-400×H100-300mm

suitable product

Bags, glass bottles, plastic bottles 

power supply

380 V 50Hz, 20KW

air pressure and consumption

0.6Mpa, 800L/min

Customer case
  • Lee Kum Kee

    Lee Kum Kee

  • LibyGroup - Xinxiang Libai

    LibyGroup - Xinxiang Libai

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