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GRABA grabbing-type packing machine
grasp and loose the bottle
Product Introduction

The GRABA YZ-CLW20 grabbing-type packing machine is used to grasp and loose bottles through the inflation and deflation of the gripper. Bottles can be placed into the case accurately and reliably from the bottle conveying table through mechanical operation, pneumatic and electric control.

Smooth operation: the whole packing process is carried out through the four-bar linkage mechanism, during which the bottle can be lifted, moved and landed automatically in combination with the pneumatic and electric control. As a result, the action is coordinated and the motion is smooth and accurate. To save non-working time, the production efficiency can be improved when the motions are sped up during no-load return.

Advanced structure: this machine is composed of a reasonable mechanical structure, a reliable pneumatic device and advanced electronic control technologies. It is an advanced equipment integrating mechanical, pneumatic and electronic control. In addition, it is equipped with multiple sets of bottom positioning gearboxes, which enable it to be suitable for the packing of cases with slightly different dimensions.

This machine adopts high-precision linear guides to effectively ensure the stability of the machine operating at high speed. The whole machine has a large production capacity, a high efficiency and a good continuity. Its operation is stable and reliable so the failure rate of cartons is extremely low. The packing form can be set according to customer requirements. The machine structure also facilitates the operation transformation between different products.

The machine structure is compact and can be designed with the smallest floor area according to the actual site. The main frame adopts a fully enclosed welded structure, which is easy to clean and can ensure that there is no residual liquid or accumulated water after cleaning; the wire casing is installed as far as possible from the humid environment; all designs of the mechanism should follow the principle that it is convenient for the operator to quick access due to the maintenance service and adjustment; protective covers must be used for all vulnerable and dangerous parts.

Technical Parameters




≥ 15 cases/minute


≥ 12,000 bph

carton size

Corrugated carton RSC

grappling type of fixture


Hot melt adhesive curing time and glue consumption

1-1.5s  2-3g/ctn


power supply

380 V 50Hz, 20KW

air pressure and consumption

0.6Mpa, 800L/min

Customer case
Custom Retrieval: