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STACO case packing machine
high hygiene leve
Product Introduction

The STACO YZ-H08 case packing machine consists of a carton sorting mechanism, a carton stacking mechanism, a carton push mechanism and a carton forming mechanism. It is not only suitable for piece cartons and traditional cartons, bus also suitable for tapes or hot melt adhesive sealing. The modular design allows users to add new packaging functions based on their development needs. The high hygiene level meets the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The package is beautiful, which can improve the quality of the product. 

The machine has a compact structure that can be designed into a smallest floor area according to the actual site. The main frame adopts a fully enclosed welded structure, which is easy to clean and can ensure that there is no residual liquid or accumulated water after being cleaned; the wire casing is installed far from the humid environment as possible; the design of all mechanisms should follow the principle that they should be convenient for the operator to quick access due to the maintenance service and adjustment; protective covers must be used for all vulnerable and dangerous parts.For the actual situation that the size error of the glass bottle is relatively large in China, to prevent bottle pouring and bottle explosion during the forward conveying of the glass bottle, U-PACK’s high-speed packing machine is specially equipped with an automatic clutch and photoelectric shutdown device on the pushing mechanism. The equipment can be reset quickly within one minute so than the downtime caused by the explosion of the bottle is completely avoided, thus ensuring the safety and sanitation of the equipment.

  • Human machine interface control screen;

  • The main materials are mainly SS304 and aluminum (6061);

  • Automatic error message prompts to facilitate troubleshooting;

  • Parameter settings can be set and changed on the display;

  • The machine adjustment permission range records provided makes the equipment adjustment easy;

  • The index rotation system can eliminate packaging errors;

  • Spraying is calculated by the encoder to ensure that the length of the glue on each carton is the same and can be adjusted and remembered at any time;

  • Different package sizes can be set quickly;

  • All activities are not provided with nozzle lubrication. The bottom bearing of the machine that is not easily accessible outside the tube is lubricated intensively.

This machine consists of a cardboard storage table, a host machine, a hot melt adhesive spraying system and a pneumatic vacuum system. It adopts the servo drive control technology to achieve the accurate positioning, soft movement and quick operation setting. The running speed can be adjusted arbitrarily as well. The storage of cardboard is large, which can reach up to 200 pieces of cardboard at a time. It is very easy for people to place them manually. High-precision linear guides are used to ensure the stability of the machine when it operates at high speed. The whole machine has a large production capacity and a high efficiency. Its continuity is also good. The machine can be operated stably and reliably, so the failure rate of cardboard is extremely low and the bonding of cartons is quite firm. The shape is beautiful and standard.

Technical Parameters



60-120 cases/minute

packing method

2×6 3×6 4×6 one or two layers

carton form

Traditional cartons or piece cartons

Hot melt adhesive curing time and gluing amount

1-1.5s  2-3g/ctn

power supply

380 V 50Hz, 20KW

air pressure and consumption

0.6Mpa, 800L/min

Customer case
  • Lukang Pharmaceutical

    Lukang Pharmaceutical

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