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High-speed case unpacking machine
Innovative case unpacking machine
Product Introduction

After long-term experience accumulation and exploration of new technologies, U-PACK Group has developed the CE25 case unpacking machine equipped with the highest performance.

Machine Features:

As an innovative case unpacking machine, the YZ-CE25 case unpacking machine can unpack the RSC corrugated cases and seal the bottom at the same time. For RSC and HSC corrugated cases, it can make cases beautifully and sturdy. The bottom sealing speed can reach 25 cases per minute with the help of tape or hot melt adhesive.

Main configuration:
Programmable controller: Germany “Siemens”

Contactor: France “Schneider”

Sensor: Germany “P+F”

Press-button switch: France “Schneider”

Intermediate relay: France “Schneider”

Touch screen operation interface: Taiwan “WEINVIEW”

Pneumatic components: Taiwan “Air TAC and Germany “FESTO”

Motor: Taiwan “Cheng Bang”

Technical Characteristics:

  • Sturdy shape, compact package, continuous motion-type sealing machine

  • 25 cases / min, which is able to reach all standard carton ranges. The shorter the carton, the faster the speed

  • Quickly change different sizes of cartons without tools

  • Balanced independent roller system, providing smooth and reliable operations for cartons weighing 20KG

  • Synchronous drive system standard

  • Allen Brandley PLC Standard

  • Pneumatically controlled folding flaps

  • Hazard protection device

Technical Parameters




30 cases/minute

Carton Storage

80 pieces

Tape Width

48/60mm (choose one)

power supply

380 V 50Hz, 20KW

air pressure

0.5-0.7 MPa



machine size


carton size(mm)


Customer case
  • Jin Longyu-Yihai Jiali

    Jin Longyu-Yihai Jiali

  • Heng'an Paper Industry-Heng'an Group

    Heng'an Paper Industry-Heng'an

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