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 Customer service
Customer service

"Customer Success" is the goal we strive for

General Principles of Service System

U-PACK upholds the service spirit of "everything is to create value for customers" and takes customer needs as the center. With first-class speed, first-class skills and first-class attitude, Yuzhuang achieves the service goal of "exceeding customer expectations, exceeding industry standards".

Corporate Service Code of Conduct

Six every

Say every word well;
Do everything well;
Do every job well;
Be kind to every user;
Do every training well;
DO every service well;

Four Don't

Don't let work be delayed because of me.
Don't let promises fall because of me;
Don't let the service be cut off because of me;
Don't let your image be damaged by me;

Service Specification

Image Normalization, Language Normalization, Standardization Tools;
Field Service Process Specification Examination Items and Method Specification;
Communication norms;

Service Policy

Enthusiasm - Customer first, treat customers as relatives;
Initiative - In a word, let me do something else;
Norms - Obey the rules and regulations, speak and act with a certain degree;
Timely - keep the contract and punctuality, and do what you say;
Effectiveness - Emphasis on effectiveness and validation afterwards;

Service Commitment

Professionalism leads the industry Integrity creates social happiness.We are committed to the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing, become industry experts, and be the leader of the industry.
  • 01

    7 days 24 hours customer service support;

  • 02

    Providing direct or remote fault diagnosis services

  • 03

    Quick response to reduce downtime;

  • 04

    CRM Tracking Customer History Service in Time;

  • 05

    Online remote or on-site training courses for you;

  • 06

    Updating and improving equipment services;

  • 07

    Spare Parts Service, Spare Parts Purchase and Quick Delivery.

  • 08

    Beyond customer expectations, beyond industry standards.

Everything is based on creating value for customers.

Through standardized, differentiated and value-added services to reduce customer's psychological costs and use costs, ultimately improve customer's transfer value, profitability and purchasing power, thereby enhancing U-PACK service brand competitiveness, leading the new trend of industry services.