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About U-PACK

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It can provide dairy packaging solutions that allow users to take a place in the market with better quality and safer products.

With the increase of people’s incomes and the progress of urbanization in developing countries, people pay more and more attention to life and health,making daily nutrition drinks such asliquid dairy productsmore popular. In addition, consumers’ tastes also become diversified. Convenient and worthwhile beverages are getting more popular.

What can U-PACK do for the dairy industry

U-PACK can ensure the proper process of the dairy ingredients through its rich professional technologies and special treatment of dairy products. Because of the flexibility of the styling and design of the PET material, more and more manufacturers prefer packages made of this material. From the perspective of the production trend, there will be more dairy products in PET bottles that attract the public’s attention in the future.
Equipped with comprehensive packaging capabilities, we can provide the full range of bottle blowing, filling, labeling, whole line solutions and services.

Tailor the factory: save limited energy space

Improve the production efficiency: ensure the rapid production

Maintain the product quality: maintain the high quality of your product

Reduce the costs: labor costs, energy costs

Partners: Yili Dairy, Mengniu Dairy, Feihe Dairy, Wondersun Dairy, Mead Johnson, etc.

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