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Foods & Beverages

Provide complete and efficient solution of automation equipment for beverage production line and more extensive and professional technical support

Consumers pursue richer tastes and tastes, more sophisticated packaging, and less sugar, less additivehealthy drinks。In addition to requiring beverages to be of value for money and trustworthy brands, consumers also like creative bottle-shaped designs and different volumes of packaging that fit their personal image and lifestyle.

What can U-PACK do for the beverage industry

U-PACK knows that you need flexible production lines to meet the changing needs of consumers, to make your brand stand out, and to achieve multiple product management on the same production line. Therefore, as a professional equipment manufacturer in beverage packaging industry, U-PACK has accumulated long-term theoretical knowledge and rich practical experience, providing the most accurate support and service for different customers from beverage filling, labeling, paper package, film package, packing, palletizing (sorting) and conveying system.

Tailor-made plant: saving limited energy space

Improve the production efficiency: ensure the rapid production

Maintain the product quality: maintain the high quality of your product

Reduce the costs: labor costs, energy costs

Partners: COFCO, Yibao, Jingtian, Nongfu Shanquan, Master Kang Beverage, Pepsi-Cola, Coca-Cola, Gardobo, Wahaha, Huiyuan, Vitamin Milk, etc.

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