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About U-PACK

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U-PACK can provide intelligent solutions for the secondary packaging machinery and equipment in the daily chemical industry, such as process design and production process optimization.

Daily Chemical Industry
U-PACK serves for the packaging of liquid products such as laundry detergents and detergents, which is made precisely with a controlled viscosity. The tailor-made packaging container with distinctive characteristics can also ensure the leak-tightness and integrity of the filling of liquid products. Based on the good quality and the first-class manufacturing, U-PACK explores the market with other manufacturers jointly to enhance their double benefits.

What can U-PACK do for the daily chemical industry?the daily chemical industry
U-PACK can provide the daily chemical industry with diversified production equipment, including labeling, conveying, paper package (film package), opening and sealing, palletizing.

Tailor the factory: save limited energy space

Improve the production efficiency: ensure the rapid production

Maintain the product quality: maintain the high quality of your product

Reduce the costs: labor costs, energy costs

Partners: Sinopec, Liby, Keon

  • Sinopec-Lubricating Oil

    Sinopec-Lubricating Oil

  • Heng'an Paper Industry-Heng'an Group

    Heng'an Paper Industry-Heng'an

  • Keon-Nanfeng Chemical Industry

    Keon-Nanfeng Chemical Industry

  • LibyGroup - Xinxiang Libai

    LibyGroup - Xinxiang Libai